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21  07 2010

Goodbye Jennie!

Superstar Pitcher Jennie Finch Announces Her Retirement

By Kayla Knight
TSC Contributor
You knew it had to happen someday. But when superstar pitcher Jennie Finch announced her retirement yesterday, a hushed silence fell over the softball community as it realized what it was losing. 
Since bursting onto the national television spotlight prior to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Jennie Finch has been the face, heart and soul of the sport of softball worldwide.  Six years, two Olympic medals and multiple international championships later, she is finally ready to hang it up. 
Following the birth of her son Ace four years ago, Jennie has led a whirlwind life, balancing motherhood and a career including international competition with Team USA, professional competition with the NPF Chicago Bandits, and countless appearances at camps and clinics. 
She was known to jet into Chicago for a Bandit game, then jet off to Japan for a promotional tour for Mizuno, all the while keeping her mother in tow with baby Ace at her side. 
She was also the only softball player in history to appear on a nationally syndicated reality show, Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.” 
And don’t forget her efforts last year to reinstate softball into the 2016 Olympics, an effort that, unfortunately, came up short. 
Despite her frenetic pace, Jennie has never turned down an autograph request. Frequently mobbed after games by her fans, she has always kept a sweet demeanor—something that fit well with her signature “Barbie Doll” looks. 
Jennie’s skills are still unmatched as both a pitcher and a batter. Just last month her three home runs in Caracas, Venezuela tied her for third in the ISF World Championship record books. 
But approaching age 30 and with softball out of the Olympics through 2016 at least, Jennie has finally decided to take a rest. The upcoming KFC World Cup of Softball in Oklahoma City will be her last international competition, and she will wrap up her pro season with the Bandits next month. 
Amazingly enough, throughout her illustrious career Jennie has never won a pro championship. If ever there was a season for it, this would be it. 
Jennie will undoubtedly continue to advocate for softball internationally, even as she shifts focus to her family. But the competitive world will not be the same without her. 
Jennie we will miss you!

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