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29  07 2017

Where Do All the Softball Players Go?

Not Enough Former Athletes Become Lifelong Fans

By KCSoftball
TSC Contributor

What happens to the former rec players that should be today’s softball fans? It all starts at about 3rd grade when a little girl asks mom if she can play softball for local rec teams. This little girl joins the rec league and gets tp play until she reaches 8th grade. She thinks now that rec ball is over, how am I going to get to continue to play softball, a game that I now love?
Oh, she thinks, next year I can play on one of my high school teams. So come spring this little girl goes out for the high school team, only to be told, “Sorry, we don’t have enough spots for you on one of our teams, but you can come out and watch the teams play!” Sadly, we have lost this future fan.
Come the next season, those girls luckly enough to have made the freshman team are told they must try out for the JV team. Over half are told, “Sorry, we don’t have a spot for you, but you can come out and watch our games!” More future fans lost!
Then up comes another season and those JV players are told to try out for the varsity, but sadly, most are told, “Sorry but we don’t have a spot for you on the varsity, but you can come out and watch our games!”  Oops, more future fans lost!
Sooner than expected the varsity players’ senior season comes to a close and the players think I love this game, maybe I can play in college. Those players check into colleges, only to find out, “Sorry, we don’t have a spot for you on the team!” Sadly, even more future fans lost!
For those lucky enough to get tp play college ball, sadly, their senior season is upon them all too fast. The player thinks I am very good at this game I love, I even made honorable mention All-American. So the player goes to the pro’s only to be told, “Sorry, we just don’t have enough teams with enough spots for you to play!” Again, more lost fans.
Most baseball rec leagues have enough spots for a player who doesn’t make his school teams to keep playing—sadly, I don’t see many rec leagues for those girls! Most are already lost to softball!
The only way we fans can change this is to speak up! Let our voices be heard. Make enough noise so those in charge, corporate America and the media hear us! Ladies, you have to take charge of softball’s future, make your voice heard! Tell America you are still a fan no matter what!

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