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Where Do All the Softball Players Go?

Not Enough Former Athletes Become Lifelong Fans
By KCSoftball
TSC Contributor
What happens to the former rec players that should be today’s softball fans? It all starts at about 3rd grade when a little girl asks mom if she can play softball for local rec teams. This little girl joins the rec league and gets tp play until […]

Fight for Pro Supremacy

Chicago Bandits Sweep the Mighty USSSA Pride
By Daniel Urban
TSC Contributor/Analyst
The USSSA Pride have been an unstoppable juggernaut this season.  Prior to its recent series with the Bandits, the Pride was 29-6 and with a seven-game cushion at the top spot in the NPF standings.  But the Pride has looked unbeatable in several prior seasons, only […]

Aussies Invade America’s Pro League

Struggle to Excel in National Pro Fastpitch
By Daniel Urban
TSC Analyst/Contributor
This summer the Chicago Bandits of the National Pro Fastpitch league signed eight Australian players. The players are:
Janice Blackman (has not played)
Chelsea Forkin - Outfielder
Rachel Lack - Infielder
Stacey McManus - Infielder
Kaia Parnaby (has not played)
Samantha Poole - Outfielder
Ellen Roberts - Pitcher
Taylah Tsitsikronis - […]

California Dominates NCAA Softball Rosters

Almost One-Third of Players on Top College Teams Hail from The Golden State
By Daniel Urban
TSC Analyst/Contributor
As a fan of NCAA softball for over 10 years, I have visited the web pages of hundreds of college teams and looked through the rosters of dozens of teams. Each time I look at a different […]