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Managing the Pros

Successful Managers in the NPF
By John Thorson
Father of Akron Racer pitcher Kristina Thorson
I’ve pondered this topic for some time. What does it take to successfully manage a team in the NPF? I guess it depends upon what is considered “success.” Some possibilities are:
[1] Win the regular season title.
[2] Win the Cowles Cup.
[3] Win more games than the […]

Sports Massage Therapy

Muscle Massage Moves into the Mainstream
By Josh Allen
TSC Contributor
We all know that getting a massage can be relaxing, invigorating or (usually) both. And it just feels plain good. But what was once considered a luxury is now gaining popularity among the athletic community as a legitimate way to boost performance and prevent sports-related injuries.
Massage can […]

Superstars of Tomorrow 2011

A New Crop of NCAA Pitchers to Keep Your Eye On
By Daniel Urban
TSC Analyst/Contributor
The stats are all in and it is finally time to reveal the NCAA pitching superstars of tomorrow. These NCAA freshmen pitchers were selected based on their statistical performance from the 2011 season. So without further adieu, here are the 2011 NCAA […]

Miracle Drug

Platelet-rich Plasma: Cure-all for Athletic Injuries?
By Josh Allen
TSC Contributor
During the past few years treatment of athletic injuries with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has spread across the sports medicine community, but it wasn’t until a well known sports celebrity—Tiger Woods—admitted using it that the general public stood up and took notice.
Prior to his well-known personal problems off […]