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Sell it to the Umpire!

Tips from a Blue on Salesmanship
There is an edge given to a team that knows how to sell its plays to the umpire. There will be those who think/post/say “Call the plays blue, a player doesn’t have to sell anything.” This thought process will not help your team. Umpires are people; not computers, so I […]

2008 NPF Draft Preview

The NPF draft is upon us! Each year every NPF team gets to select 4 new players from the NCAA to play for their team. The teams draft in an order based on their overall record from the previous year, with teams that lost the most games picking first and the teams that won the […]

Scout It Out

I believe scouting to be a very essential tool in softball. Because softball can be such a numbers game, I often researched teams in advance to playing them. In college I would spend some time on my opponent’s website. Because I was a catcher, I would first look at big hitters. I would not only […]