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Team NPF Will Beat Team USA

Team NPF will beat Team USA when they play each other on June 6-7 in Oklahoma City. You heard it here first. Bold huh? You bet. But when you look at the facts there is no other conclusion to make—Team USA is going down. There is only one stipulation…Team NPF has to have all of its best players playing in […]

Celebrity Jennie

Jennie Finch is hands down the most popular softball player in the world. There are certainly others who are as talented athletically—Cat Osterman and Monica Abbott come to mind. But go up to any teenage girl and ask them who their favorite softball player is—nine times out of ten that answer will be “Jennie.” And notice the […]

Alignment of the Fastpitch Universe

As excitement mounts for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, one major concern looms for professional softball: how will the NPF survive next season without its marquee players? Although the publicity of a probable gold medal finish by the US Women’s softball team should benefit softball in general, it will nonetheless deprive the NPF of one of […]

Journey to Judson

One week ago it was announced in the Daily Herald that the Chicago Bandits have agreed in principle to a deal with the city of Elgin and Judson University to bring the team to Elgin next season. Since their debut in the NPF over three years ago, the Bandits have played at Benedictine University in Lisle, […]

Welcome to Pro Softball Notebook

The modern version of women’s professional fastpitch softball, the National Pro Fastpitch league, was born a little over four years ago. Few could have predicted the sweeping nature or rapidity of the changes that have occurred since then. The ownership of the league itself was overhauled after only one year of operation, when a group of […]