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Where Do All the Softball Players Go?

Not Enough Former Athletes Become Lifelong Fans
By KCSoftball
TSC Contributor
What happens to the former rec players that should be today’s softball fans? It all starts at about 3rd grade when a little girl asks mom if she can play softball for local rec teams. This little girl joins the rec league and gets tp play until […]

Does Offense Matter?

A Potent Offense May Not Mean Much in Today’s Game
By Daniel Urban
TSC Analyst/Contributor
Ever wonder who has the best offense in NCAA softball? Or if great offense translates to winning games? Well look no further than the NCAA Softball website’s stats section. When I looked at the numbers and tried to answer these questions […]

Fastpitch Double Helix

Do You Have Softball DNA?
By SpartanIlliniCub
TSC Contributor
For the first time ever, a company has come forward with a test that will supposedly let you know what type of “sports” DNA you have. Atlas Sports Genetics, a company based in Boulder, Colorado, has a new $169 test that includes two cotton swabs and instructions to scrape […]

Separated at Birth

Should Boys’ and Girls’ Sports be Separate?
By SpartanIlliniCub
TSC Contributor
I’m sure plenty of you have heard stories about girls playing baseball with the boys at various levels from pee-wee on up.  Many also have stories about girls excelling on the baseball diamond against the boys.  I don’t think I would have a problem with a girl […]