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Sports Massage Therapy

Muscle Massage Moves into the Mainstream
By Josh Allen
TSC Contributor
We all know that getting a massage can be relaxing, invigorating or (usually) both. And it just feels plain good. But what was once considered a luxury is now gaining popularity among the athletic community as a legitimate way to boost performance and prevent sports-related injuries.
Massage can […]

Miracle Drug

Platelet-rich Plasma: Cure-all for Athletic Injuries?
By Josh Allen
TSC Contributor
During the past few years treatment of athletic injuries with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has spread across the sports medicine community, but it wasn’t until a well known sports celebrity—Tiger Woods—admitted using it that the general public stood up and took notice.
Prior to his well-known personal problems off […]

High Tech Gatorade

Pro Athlete Hydration & Nutrition Package Now Available to All
By Daniel Urban
TSC Analyst/Contributor
As much as Gatorade says it focuses on the science of sports and performance nutrition, it focuses equally as much on advertising. Gatorade’s newest product line is the “Gatorade G Series Pro,” a five-part hydration and nutrition package that is supposed to allow […]


Eating Lots of Carbs Before the Big Game Can Make You a Winner
By Daniel Urban
TSC Analyst/Contributor
Most athletes are at least somewhat familiar with the term “carbo-loading,” but what is it? Carbo-loading is a pre-competition diet strategy that is supposed to allow you to perform your best.
Carbohydrates are the easiest food for your body to […]

Core Values

Conditioning Training for Pitchers
By Kristi Spielman
Physical Therapist, Pitching Coach & Former Division 1 Pitcher
The topic of conditioning training for pitchers has been getting a lot of attention lately, as it should. There are so many specialized instructors out there teaching the mechanics, but so little review of general conditioning. Yes, there are speed camps and […]

Amino Acid Buffet

Should You Take Protein Supplements?
Amino acids are called the building blocks of life because they are assembled one after another into the thousands of different proteins that constitute and maintain the body’s tissues and organs. They are a group of 20 organic acids made up of just a handful of different elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, […]