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Colorado Hosts Softball Mega-Event

3000+ Games Attract Hundreds of College Recruiters
By Kevin Kage
TSC Contributor
Everyone knows that California and Arizona are hotbeds of fastpitch softball, but Colorado? Who knew? Last week over 700 travel softball teams from 30 states arrived in the Denver metro area to participate in the largest fastpitch event in the US.
Between the Fireworks, Sparkler, and Sparkler […]

Early Decision

Are High School Players Committing to Colleges Too Soon?
By Selena Collins
Chicago Bandit All-Star Catcher 2005/2006

I was trying to think of relevant topics the young softball generation would be interested in, and I found the ins and outs of college recruiting are on everyone’s mind as early as the freshman year of high school. Growing up […]

Pick Me!

College Recruiting in DIII
The college softball recruitment process for Division III is very similar to that for Division I, but there are a few differences. Here are a few tips for making the process as successful and stress-free as possible:
1- Make Contact
You should DEFINITELY contact college coaches instead of waiting to be discovered. With fewer […]