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Where Do All the Softball Players Go?

Not Enough Former Athletes Become Lifelong Fans
By KCSoftball
TSC Contributor
What happens to the former rec players that should be today’s softball fans? It all starts at about 3rd grade when a little girl asks mom if she can play softball for local rec teams. This little girl joins the rec league and gets tp play until […]

Early Decision

Are High School Players Committing to Colleges Too Soon?
By Selena Collins
Chicago Bandit All-Star Catcher 2005/2006

I was trying to think of relevant topics the young softball generation would be interested in, and I found the ins and outs of college recruiting are on everyone’s mind as early as the freshman year of high school. Growing up […]

Pick Me!

College Recruiting in DIII
The college softball recruitment process for Division III is very similar to that for Division I, but there are a few differences. Here are a few tips for making the process as successful and stress-free as possible:
1- Make Contact
You should DEFINITELY contact college coaches instead of waiting to be discovered. With fewer […]

Pitching Revolution

The RevFire
After hearing all about this new gadget “The RevFire” I thought I had to test it out on my pitchers and see what all the hype was about. I have been a private fastpitch instructor for the past 12 years. I pride myself on teaching the best biomechanics and I am always willing to […]

Sell it to the Umpire!

Tips from a Blue on Salesmanship
There is an edge given to a team that knows how to sell its plays to the umpire. There will be those who think/post/say “Call the plays blue, a player doesn’t have to sell anything.” This thought process will not help your team. Umpires are people; not computers, so I […]

Scout It Out

I believe scouting to be a very essential tool in softball. Because softball can be such a numbers game, I often researched teams in advance to playing them. In college I would spend some time on my opponent’s website. Because I was a catcher, I would first look at big hitters. I would not only […]