Build Your Body Right

Do You Need Extra Amino Acids?

You can’t strengthen your body during athletic training without proper nutrition—and for building muscle, that means plenty of protein. But what kind? And is natural dietary protein enough, or should you be complementing with synthetic amino acids? Read more in our latest Softball Notebook article Amino Acid Buffet: Should You Take Protein Supplements?


Pitchers—Solid to the Core

Strengthen Your Abdominals to Excel

It’s a new year and everyone is concerned about getting back in shape. Strengthening your arm and leg muscles seems obvious, but there’s also cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility to consider. And don’t forget about building up your “core” abdominal muscles—especially if you’re a hurler. Read more in our latest Softball Notebook article Core Values: Conditioning Training for Pitchers.


The 'Eyes' Have It

New Mascaras Promise A Longer-Lasting Look

You might yearn for that “penetrating pitcher stare,” but mascara running down your cheek isn’t exactly intimidating—or attractive. That’s why cosmetic companies are constantly trying to come up with more permanent pigments, especially for athletes. 
Two new products on the market now promise a longer-lasting look for your eyes: Smashbox Bionic Mascara and Lorac Publicity Stunt Lashes. Read more.