Aussies Invade America's Pro League

Struggle to Excel in National Pro Fastpitch

By TSC Analyst/Contributor DANIEL URBAN

LOMBARD  This summer the Chicago Bandits of the National Pro Fastpitch league signed eight Australian players.  The players are:

Janice Blackman  (has not played)
Chelsea Forkin - Outfielder
Rachel Lack - Infielder
Stacey McManus - Infielder
Kaia Parnaby (has not played)
Samantha Poole  - Outfielder
Ellen Roberts - Pitcher
Taylah Tsitsikronis - Catcher

So how are these imports faring so far this season?  Let's go to the numbers!


The first item to note is that two of the players have not played at all: Janice Blackman and Kaia Parnaby.  I am not sure where they could be—perhaps they had a conflict or decided not to make the trek for this season?  Hopefully we see them sometime later this summer.  

Only two of the eight players, Chelsea Forkin and Tayla Tsitsikoris, have received playing time commensurate with what you would call a "starter."  The other three non-pitchers (who have logged stats) have only played part-time at best and only have 21 at-bats between them. 

Unfortunately the players who have been taking at-bats have been pretty poor so far.  The highest batting average is owned by Stacey McManus with a .222.  The lowest is Rachel Lack with a 0.00.  McManus also has the lone home run of all of the Australian imports.  The only other extra base hits are two doubles from Taylah Tsitsikronis.  The Australians have a power outage problem! 

The pitching has been of pretty poor quality too.  Ellen Roberts has actually received the 3rd most innings of all Bandits pitchers (behind Haylie Wagner and Lacey Waldrop).  But even with the 3rd most innings, Roberts is 1-3 and has allowed the 2nd-most hits of seven Bandits pitchers, and has the 5th worst ERA.  

Of course the Australian players are new to the league, and I am very confident the NPF is the highest level of competition they have faced.  I am rooting for these players and hope they turn things around by season's end.  Read more.