Will Team USA's Dominance Hurt Olympic Bid?

World Cup of Softball Sends Message to IOC

By TSC Contributor BOBBY SAVICH 
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA  There are those who believe that softball should not be reinstated for the 2016 Summer Olmypics because of the dominance over the years from Team USA. However, just because one team is dominating in one sport should not determine whether or not that sport is removed from Olympic competition. 
Unfortunately, because of the dominance by the Americans, it could be very difficult to convince the IOC members that softball should be reinstated for 2016. 
But the US is strong in other sports as well. Are you going to remove those sports from Olympic competition?  For example, Men's Basketball is another sport where, while the rest of the world has begun to catch up, Team USA is still far superior. In 1992 the Original Dream Team won their games by over 40 points per contest, but it still remained an Olympic sport. Are you going to remove Michael Phelps from the pool for being such a dominant swimmer? It is just the way the world works—there is always going to be someone better than you at something. 
Team USA has shown its dominance in just the last few weeks, going unbeaten and winning the Canada Cup, then taking a 5-0 record into Monday night's championship for the World Cup of Softball while outscoring opponents 47-3.

Such results could unfortunately sway the IOC into saying "no" to reinstating the sport of softball for the 2016 Olympics.