Hitting Superstars of Tomorrow 2015

Batters Who Should Make Headlines in the Next Few Years

By TSC Analyst/Contributor DANIEL URBAN 
LOMBARD It's that time again! Time to name the top offensive 5 stars to look for in the coming months. The ladies on this list put up monster numbers as underclassmen and are looking to continue improving in 2015. This list will help you figure out who to look for at the top of the box score in the coming years. So without further adieu, here it is!

#1 Sierra Romero - Michigan - Sophomore - Infielder
2014 Stats: .491 average, 18 home runs, 74 runs, 81 hits, 72 RBI

Sierra Romero is a bona fide superstar. She was one of the few hitters in the nation last year to rank nationally both in home runs and batting average.  Romero placed #2 in the nation in batting average and #16 in the nation in home runs. Very few players can hit for average and hit for power, but Romero is a stud at both.  And she still has two more years of eligibility left! The Wolverines were knocked out in the super regional last year, but if Romero can continue to improve and put the team on her shoulders Michigan can easily make it to the WCWS this year. Michigan's future is tied to the production of their young star.

#2 Kasey Cooper - Auburn - Freshman - Infielder
2014 Stats: .418 average, 18 home runs, 70 runs, 74 hits, 77 RBI

Much like Sierra Romero above, Kasey Cooper is one of the few great talents that can hit for average and power. Cooper ranked #9 in the nation last year in batting average, and tied for #16 in the nation in home runs. Auburn does not have a long history of success in softball like other SEC conference programs, but the entire conference has made large steps last year.  Cooper may be a harbinger of the type of talent the SEC is going to command from here on out. Auburn was bounced in the regional last year, but if Cooper ups her game in 2015 the Tigers won't be an easy out in 2015.

#3 Alex Hugo - Georgia - Sophomore - 3B
2014 Stats: .341 average, 25 home runs, 57 runs, 57 hits, 64 RBI

Alex Hugo can straight up CRUSH the ball.  Last year, as a sophomore in a top softball conference (the SEC) in the country, Hugo led the nation in home runs with 25. She also put up a pretty solid batting average and RBI numbers.  Hugo isn't a commanding presence at 5' 8", but she sure can tear the cover off the ball.  Georgia surprised many in the softball world last year when they won the SEC conference. No doubt Hugo's 25 home runs helped Georgia put up numbers in the win column. I can't wait to see how Hugo improves.

#4 Lexie Elkins - Louisiana Lafayette - Sophomore - C
2014 Stats: .388 average, 24 home runs, 41 runs, 73 hits, 74 RBI

I don't know how Louisiana Lafayette does it!  Every year they deliver big time recruits and get them to produce big time numbers. Who ever heard of the Sun Belt Conference? Yet Louisiana Lafayette finds a way to compete with all the best and biggest programs in power conferences like the Pac 12 and SEC. One of their shining stars last year was Lexie Elkins, whose 24 home runs were good enough for #2 in the nation. Those numbers are amazing, but what is even more amazing is is that she produced them as an underclassman. Everyone in Lafayette, LA is hoping Elkins can capitalize on the 2 years of experience now under her belt and put up even better numbers in 2015.  Louisiana Lafayette made the WCWS last year; to make it over the hump and win a title they need Elkins to keep swinging the stick like she did in 2014.

#5 Katiyann Muaga - Arizona - Sophomore - Arizona
2014 Stats: .363 average, 20 home runs, 41 runs, 53 hits, 58 RBI

Arizona is one of the most storied teams in NCAA softball. Yet the team has underperformed and not lived up to expectations in recent years.  Arizona has not legitimately competed for a title in several years and being bounced from the super regional by Louisiana Lafayette last year doesn't help. And, perhaps even worse, in state rival Arizona State has won two titles in the past 7 years. If Arizona wants to return to the promise land Arizona needs more players like Muaga, who ranked 6th in the nation in home runs last year, to help lead them back to prominence. Arizona has great name recognition in the softball world, hopefully they can use Muaga to market an Arizona renaissance to new recruits and help improve the team.

There you have it!  Look for big things from these 5 ladies in 2015! Read more.