Foul Ball Lands Jennie Finch in Hospital

Legendary Pitcher Begins Retirement with Emergency Surgery

By TSC Contributor KAYLA KNIGHT 
LOMBARD  Pitching legend Jennie Finch was a remarkably durable player during her storied career, which ended only last month at the conclusion of the National Pro Fastpitch Championship Game. 
What her many fans did not know at the time was she was playing with a very serious injury that eventually landed her in the hospital. 
Jennie was hit in the leg with a foul ball two months ago. The impact caused severe tissue damage and later became infected by bacteria, a condition known as cellulitis. The disease spread up her leg and if left untreated could have had dire consequences—even life-threatening ones. 
In pain, Jennie drove to the emergency room where she underwent immediate surgery to clean out the dead tissue. She also received intravenous antibiotics to help fight any residual infection. 
Jennie is now out of the hospital and focused on a new chapter in her life, her softball camps. For while she may have retired from competition, she has definitely not retired from softball. Read more.