Will There Ever Be Another Jennie?

Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch 

Retiring Softball Legend Jennie Finch Was One of a Kind

By TSC Analyst/Contributor DANIEL URBAN 
LOMBARD  Will there ever be another Jennie Finch? 
Jennie (1) had super-elite skill, (2) played the most important position in softball, and (3) has supermodel good looks. 
There are a lot of players out there with (1) and (2), but none of those players also has (3). And I don't see anyone on the horizon with all three, either.  It's possible there will never be a replacement for Jennie Finch. 
Not only was it fun to watch Jennie because of the skill and qualities she brought to the table, but Jennie was also great for the game.  Jennie brought softball into the national spotlight for the first time ever, and gave the sport consistent attention in the national news over her entire career. 
Jennie made the whole world take notice of fastpitch softball. Without her, will the national and worldwide attention dry up? Dry up forever?  Was Jennie fastpitch's only shot at the big time? 
ESPN scrolled the news of her retirement across the bottom of the TV screen immediately after she announced it. I'm not sold that ESPN will do the same when Cat Osterman or Monica Abbott retire. Fastpitch is losing a lot more than just one of its best players. 
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