Florida Girl Tears Up Little League

12-Year-Old Pitches Her 2nd Perfect Game


PLANT CITY – Chelsea Baker, a 12-year-old girl from Plant City Florida, just threw her second perfect Little League game (a perfect game is a no-hitter PLUS no walks allowed).

Chelsea has a sizzling 3-pitch repertoire including a 60 mph fastball, a curveball, and a knuckle ball.  With a superior knuckle ball alone you can play in the majors! She has puzzled hitters all season long with her 3 pitches, but usually locates her fastball so well she doesn't even need breaking balls.

The Florida Little Leaguer has aspirations to play in college—where scouts say all you need is a 70mph fastball and a breaking pitch like a curve ball.  So Chelsea is already close, even accounting for the boys catching up to her athletically in the next few years. Read more.