Japan Fights USA for Olympic Site

2016 Games Could End Up in Tokyo, Not Chicago

TOKYO, JAPAN When Japan beat the USA for the softball gold medal in Beijing, it shocked a lot of Americans who had underestimated the fervor for softball in the Land of the Rising Sun. But now the two countries have moved it up a notch—in a battle for the site of the Games itself seven years from now. 
Chicago put its best foot forward a couple weeks ago in front of the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission, and Tokyo wrapped up its presentation today. Both cities received high praise from the inspectors, who so far haven’t tipped their hats about a favorite—but in their summary statements about Japan, they openly lauded its strong economic position and financial guarantees to secure the budget. Rio de Janeiro and Madrid are also being considered. Read more. 
The site of the 2016 Olympiad is of great importance for softball fans, as it might herald the reintroduction of their sport into the Olympic program. If that happens, the organizers, coaches, players and fans of Team USA Softball would definitely like to have home field advantage—especially if they find themselves in a rematch with Japan for the gold medal. The final vote for the 2016 venue is less than six months away.