'Imagine' Olympic Softball in Chicago!

The Windy City Puts on Ad Blitz for 2016 Games

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS  Ladies and gentlemen, the International Olympic Committee’s inspection team has left Chicago. And it gave the city a glowing review—with the exception of the weather, that is; Mother Nature decided to dump several inches of snow on the visitors last Sunday. 
The IOC hailed the Windy City as an extremely strong candidate for landing the 2016 Games, but cautioned there are three other excellent bids to consider in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, and there can be only one overall winner. 
Mayor Richard Daley and his staff pulled out all the stops for the IOC visit, including an appearance from Oprah and an “Imagine” media blitz featuring Olympic athletes beside the Chicago 2016 logo. 
While our heroine Jennie Finch did not actually appear on any of the billboards (as pictured in the artist’s rendering above) it COULD happen, and as early as October—IF Chicago is chosen as host city AND softball is reinstated as an Olympic sport for the 2016 Games. 
The final votes on these monumental decisions will take place at the XIII Olympic Congress & 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen, Denmark on or about October 2nd. Chicagoans—and softball fans—are hoping US President Barack Obama decides to attend this important event, as that could make all the difference.