Softball Out For 2016 Olympics

The Fight Isn't Over


BERLIN, GERMANY  The IOC executive committee have chosen golf and rugby as the two sports for proposed inclusion in the 2016 Olympics, rejecting baseball, softball, and the three other sports vying for possible inclusion. Golf and Rugby will be submitted by the board to the entire IOC at a meeting in October in Copenhagen, at which time the full member committee will vote on whether to include the two sports. 
The seven original sports, which also included squash, roller sports, and karate, along with baseball and softball, went through a number of rounds of voting, with the sport receiving the least amount of votes in the round being eliminated. Rugby was the overall winner, receiving seven votes in the first round of voting and a majority nine in the second round. Golf went through four rounds of voting, finally receiving a majority nine votes in the fourth round. 
A simple majority vote by the IOC at their meeting in Copenhagen is all that is needed for the sports to be included in the 2016 Games. The two sports will be voted on individually, not as a tandem. Softball and baseball had been hoping for a return to the Olympics after being taken out of the 2012 Games in London. International Softball Federation President Don Porter has said he will continue to fight to get his sport back into the Olympics. 
US Softball and Chicago Bandits' star Jennie Finch has said "the fight isn't over" and called it a "disheartening" day for the sport. In 1996, softball was added to the Olympics in Atlanta and has been part of the last four Games, with the United States bringing home gold medals in the first three Olympics before their upset loss to Japan in last summer's gold medal game.